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Amex Bank of Canada
Amex employees Alvaro Lozada and Louis Dakwar

Recognized as one of Canada's Best Diversity Employers (2016)

Here are some of the reasons why Amex Bank of Canada was selected as one of Canada's Best Diversity Employers (2016):

  • Amex Canada is currently in the process of deploying a Women at Amex strategy to support the development and advancement of women internally and externally -- the strategy includes a number of initiatives such as in-house support for career advancement, support for female-owned or focused businesses in the community and partnerships with other organizations to promote women in leadership
  • Amex Canada manages the "Women's Interest Network", an in-house employee group to support networking and community building amongst women -- the group hosts a guest speaker series, collaborative events with the global diversity and inclusion team, and networking sessions
  • Amex Canada recently partnered with the Toronto Region Immigrant Employment Council to offer cultural training sessions and also works with a variety of community organizations including the Job Opportunity Information Network and Catalyst to promote diversity and inclusiveness


Industry Credit Card Issuing
Full-time employees in Canada 1,614
Workforce representation female employees (62 %), female managers (47 %)
Diversity programs for women, visible minorities, LGBT
Employee resource groups 8 active employee network chapters with over 700 participating employees including HOLA (Hispanic origin and Latin American employees), ANA (Asian employees), Women's Interest Network, Women in Technology, PRIDE (LGBT) and Parents at Amex
Formal commitment diversity council, global diversity and inclusiveness strategy, Women at Amex strategy, market diversity and inclusion council, gender diversity and intelligence team
Unique diversity initiatives workshops on the importance of employee sponsorship of diverse groups, created in partnership with the Center for Work-Life Policy
Diversity community partnerships Catalyst (women), TRIEC (new Canadians), Job Opportunity Information Network (persons with disabilities)

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