Jazz Aviation LP
Jazz Aviation's inaugural flight to Mont Tremblant, Quebec

Recognized as one of Atlantic Canada's Top Employers (2016)

Here are some of the reasons why Jazz Aviation LP was selected as one of Atlantic Canada's Top Employers (2016) and Nova Scotia's Top Employers (2016):

  • Jazz Aviation encourages employees to keep their skills sharp throughout their careers with formal mentoring, a number of in-house and online training options, apprenticeship and paid internship opportunities, and tuition subsidies for programs related to their position (up to $3,000 annually)
  • Jazz Aviation encourages employees to prepare for the future with retirement planning assistance and contributions to defined benefit or defined contribution pension plan, depending on their position -- and seeks to develop an ownership culture through a share purchase plan available to all employees
  • Jazz Aviation supports the "Jazz After Hours Club", which organizes a variety of social activities throughout the year, including golf tournaments, movie nights, comedy club evenings and Christmas parties for both employees and children of employees -- the company also hosts fundraising events such as barbecues and contests in support of the United Way
Jazz Aviation had a special passenger on board over the holidays
Jazz Aviation employees modelling their entries for the company's Ugly Christmas Sweater Day in Halifax, Nova Scotia


Industry Air Transportation
Established in Canada 2001
Publicly traded yes
Parent company Chorus Aviation Inc.
Parent company head office Dartmouth NS
Full-time employees in Canada 4,362
Part-time employees in Canada 419
Average age of employees in Canada 44
Longest serving employee 45 years
Long-term savings defined-benefit (DB) pension, defined-contribution (DC) pension
Health plan premium as part of the health plan, the employer pays up to 50% of the premiums
Alternative work options flexible work hours, shortened work week (fewer hours with less pay), compressed work week, telecommuting, earned days off program
Vacation allowance new employees receive 2 weeks of paid vacation after their first year on the job
Outside survey period outside consultant surveys are held every 36 months
In-house training initiatives apprenticeship/skilled trades programs, in-house training, online training, leadership training, mentoring, paid internships
Scope of charitable involvement local, national
Employee charitable involvement employees are involved in selection of charities, employees receive paid time off to volunteer, (up to 1 paid day)

Recognized as one of Canada's Top Employers for Young People (2016)

Here are some of the reasons why Jazz Aviation LP was selected as one of Canada's Top Employers for Young People (2016):

  • Jazz Aviation participates in Seneca College's Cadet Program and connects with students throughout the duration of the program -- top-performing students may be selected for airline interviews and successful candidates receive mentoring and support from the company as they prepare for their final simulator evaluation
  • In partnership with the Collegiate Aviation Canada Group of Colleges, Jazz Aviation manages the "Jazz Award" program, which provides select students with interviews and simulator assessments
  • Jazz Aviation offers scholarships to students enrolled in Aircraft Maintenance Engineer (AME) programs at local community colleges and provides mentoring to apprentice AMEs -- in addition, the company maintains a tool purchase program, an interest-free payment program to help AMEs spread the cost of tools over an extended period
Jazz Aviation's Victoria employees teamed up for a charity rowing event


Industry Air Transportation
Full-time employees in Canada 4,362
Student opportunities summer jobs, co-op opportunities, paid internships
Tuition subsidies (related to job) yes
Annual tuition maximum employer pays up to $3,000 in tuition subsidies per year
Career development in-house training, online training, mentoring, leadership training, apprenticeship/skilled trades programs
Vacation allowance new employees receive 2 weeks of paid vacation after their first year on the job

Recognized as one of Canada's Best Diversity Employers (2016)

Here are some of the reasons why Jazz Aviation LP was selected as one of Canada's Best Diversity Employers (2016):

  • Jazz Aviation created the "Women in Aviation" initiative to promote leadership and empowerment through panel discussions led by some of the company's female executives -- and also employs three Women's Advocates who are formally trained to support female staff with their personal and professional needs
  • Jazz Aviation established a Pilot Wellness Committee to support pilots with disabilities and is exploring a partnership with The Work Bridge to employ persons with disabilities -- additionally, the company is developing a corporate strategy to support mental health in the workplace and is planning to launch a dedicated group for employees with disabilities
  • Jazz Aviation maintains an in-house LGBTA employee resource group and launched a "Safe Space" campaign to promote an inclusive work environment -- the company recently shared a "Gender Transition in the Workplace" policy with employees via Jazz Aviation's intranet
Jazz Aviation employees participating in Halifax, Nova Scotia's Pride Parade
"I feel very fortunate to work in a diverse company where everyone brings a unique perspective that benefits the team." Sarah L., Corporate Recruiter


Industry Air Transportation
Full-time employees in Canada 4,362
Workforce representation female employees (37 %), female managers (30 %), visible minority employees (12 %), visible minority managers (13 %), Aboriginal employees (2 %), Aboriginal managers (2 %)
Diversity programs for disabilities, women, visible minorities, Aboriginal peoples, LGBT
Employee resource groups LGBTA, Aboriginal peoples
Formal commitment diversity and inclusion strategy
Unique diversity initiatives mandatory diversity and inclusion training, monthly diversity and inclusion newsletter, celebrates international dates of importance such as International Day of Pink, scholarships for students who identify as an equity group, head office employees helped found a Diversity Association, which meets monthly to discuss diversity and inclusion, Women in Aviation initiative
Diversity community partnerships Aboriginal Human Resources Council (recruitment fair), Aboriginal Futures Employment Services (recruitment fair), Pride at Work Canada, Immigrant Services Association of Nova Scotia (work placements for new Canadians), African Nova Scotian Employment Job Fair, JOIN Business Leadership Network (member)

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