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Mohawk College employees wave flags at the President's Breakfast event

Recognized as one of Hamilton-Niagara's Top Employers (2017)

Here are some of the reasons why Mohawk College was selected as one of Hamilton-Niagara's Top Employers (2017):

  • Mohawk College provides exceptional maternity and parental leave top-up payments to employees who are new mothers (up to 93% of salary for 52 weeks) as well as parental top-ups for new fathers and adoptive parents
  • Mohawk College employees are encouraged to keep their skills up-to-date through a variety of in-house training programs as well as through generous tuition subsidies for courses, up to $10,500 annually
  • While varying by employee group, new employees at Mohawk College receive a minimum of 3 weeks of paid vacation, moving to 6 weeks for long-serving employees, and all employees enjoy additional time off during the winter holidays
Mohawk College's International Education department


Industry Post Secondary Schools, College
Established in Canada 1967
Major Canadian hiring locations Hamilton ON
Full-time employees in Canada 914
Part-time employees in Canada 1,057
Average age of employees in Canada 47
Longest serving employee 43 years
Long-term savings defined-benefit (DB) pension
Health plan premium as part of the health plan, the employer pays up to 75% of the premiums
Alternative work options flexible work hours, shortened work week (fewer hours with less pay), compressed work week
Vacation allowance new employees receive 3 weeks of paid vacation after their first year on the job
Outside survey period outside consultant surveys are held every 24 months
Employee performance reviews employees receive individual performance reviews every 6 months
In-house training initiatives in-house training, online training, mentoring, paid internships
Scope of charitable involvement local, national
Employee charitable involvement employees are involved in selection of charities

Recognized as one of Canada's Greenest Employers (2016)

Here are some of the reasons why Mohawk College was selected as one of Canada's Greenest Employers (2016):

  • Established in 2011, Mohawk College's "Environmental Management Plan" committed the College to a 20 percent carbon reduction target below the 2007 baseline by the year 2020 -- the College exceeded this target eight years ahead of schedule reaching a 24 percent reduction by the end of 2012 and has since revised its plan (now known as the Environmental Management Plan 2.0) with updated goals that include a 30 percent reduction below 2007 levels
  • Mohawk College students manage their own Environmentally Committed Organization of Students (ECOS) to educate and involve students in the promotion of sustainable living on and off the campus
  • Mohawk College manages an on-campus community-based co-operative gardening initiative with garden plots available for individuals, student groups and departments -- the College recently invested $80,000 in the garden's expansion to include additional plots, a rainwater harvesting system and a gathering space for teaching and learning
  • Mohawk College's 64,000 square foot fitness complex is designed to meet LEED Gold certification standards -- and has targeted LEED standards for all future campus construction and renovations
Mohawk College employees have access to a community garden, where they can learn about sustainable food practises and grow their own produce


Major Canadian hiring locations Hamilton ON
Full-time employees in Canada 896
Employee green team Environmental Management Plan Steering Committee, and the Environmentally Committed Organization of Students (ECOS)
Senior executive who oversees initiatives Vice President, Corporate Services
Formal strategy/policy name Sustainability Office oversees the Environmental Management Plan (est. 2011), which was revised in 2014 as the Environmental Management Plan 2.0 (EMP2.0)
Green highlights unique "Waste Management Zone" in one cafeteria (includes all recycling stations and a proper place to wash re-usable mugs, containers and cutlery), water bottle filling stations, one-time use plastics ban, discounted transit pass for students, on-campus community garden cooperative, bicycle loan program managed by the Sustainability Office, two CarShare vehicles for sign-out, 6 kW Fennel Campus wind turbine generates power year-round
In-house waste reduction and recycling batteries, e-waste, organics
Commuter amenities car-pool sign-up program, secure/sheltered bicycle parking
In-house environmental audit yes
External environmental audit yes
Publishes sustainability report yes
Some of the green community initiatives Earth Day Hamilton-Burlington, Smart Commute Hamilton, Clean Air Commute Week, Environment Hamilton, Civic Action (local sustainable transportation initiative), Local Bounty Bag and Farm Stand initiatives (distribution of fresh local produce to campus)
Other location LEED Gold
Building footprint includes 6 kW wind power project on the Fennell Campus, other building accreditation (BOMA etc.)

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