Nature's Path Foods, Inc.
Nature's Path employees with some of the company's products during the annual 'Eat Well Do Good' fundraiser event

Recognized as one of Canada's Top 100 Employers (2017)

Here are some of the reasons why Nature's Path Foods, Inc. was selected as one of Canada's Top 100 Employers (2017), Ten Best Companies to Work For (2016) and BC's Top Employers (2017):

  • Nature's Path hosts numerous employee activities, including a volleyball team (called the "Cereal Killers"), the "Get Out and Get Fit" group, which inspires outdoor activities (from walking and hiking to runs and marathons) and a meditation group that meets for weekly meditation sessions
  • Nature's Path is an incredible British Columbia-based business success story that proves that being green and focusing on healthy products does not run counter to being commercially successful -- the company continues to expand, adding 14 new full-time positions in Canada in the past year
  • Nature's Path's highly focused charitable program is integrated into its core line of business, including the "Gardens for Good" initiative and the longstanding "EnviroKidz 1% for the Planet" program -- the organization has also established a zero waste target and even maintains a unique employee-managed onsite organic garden where employees can stroll outside and practice a little therapeutic gardening to unwind during a busy day
Employees from Nature's Path's gardening committee taking care of the office's onsite garden

Employer Background

Industry Food Manufacturing
Major Canadian hiring locations Richmond BC, Delta BC
Full-time employees in Canada 185
Part-time employees in Canada 5
Full-time employees worldwide 659
Workforce engaged on a contract basis 1%
Average age of employees in Canada 43.2
Longest serving employee 31 years

Physical Workplace A

Commuter amenities transit subsidies, free parking, secure/sheltered bicycle parking
Workplace features head office is located in a 2-storey renovated warehouse (employee feedback was sought) that offers an open-concept work environment for many departments, workplace features an onsite organic garden where employees can unwind or simply enjoy some therapeutic gardening to break up the work day, reserved parking for hybrid vehicles and carpoolers, convenient access to The Bridgeport Trail where employees can enjoy a quiet walk, ride or jog, religious observance room, self-serve lunchroom, outdoor patio
Employee lounge amenities comfortable seating, table tennis, books, newspapers, magazines, meditation room, gazebo in the garden
Snacks available large lunch room with a selection of Nature's Path products available, including cereal, rice bars, granola bars, oatmeal for sample, as well as a fully-stocked store with products available at significantly reduced costs
Onsite fitness facility for employees only, free membership, treadmills, stationary bikes, stairmasters, instructor-led classes (yoga classes and personal trainers services available at additional cost), rowing machines, weights, shower facilities, television
Other nearby amenities Richmond Olympic Oval, fitness club, Richmond Nature Park, Bridgeport Trail (just outside the front door), daycare, restaurants, shopping mall, Airport, River Rock Casino

Work Atmosphere & Communications A+

Employee social committee name Social Committee (est. 2002)
Recent social events Halloween party, company summer carnival for employees and their families, potluck lunches, Earth Day celebrations (including the April Green Living Challenge), National Cereal Day celebrations with breakfast buffet and nominations for employees wearing the best pajamas, monthly birthday celebrations, a number of activity-based clubs, including a volleyball team (called the Cereal Killers), the Get Out and Get Fit group that inspires outdoor activities (from walking and hiking to fun runs and marathons), and a meditation group that meets for weekly meditation sessions
Cultural aspects employee sports teams, business casual dress, casual dress Fridays, music while working
Employee communications intranet site, company newsletter
Other in-house communications instant messaging using Microsoft Lync, quarterly town hall meetings

Financial Benefits & Compensation B

Financial benefits note Nature's Path has multiple employee groups, financial benefits may vary by position
Outside salary surveys participates in outside salary surveys every 24 months
Employee salary reviews individual salaries are reviewed every 12 months
Long-term savings matching RSP
Long-term planning life & disability insurance
Profit-sharing plan available to all employees
Year-end bonuses available to all employees
Referral bonuses (max) new employee referral bonuses (up to $300) for some positions
Additional financial benefits cash reimbursement with the purchase of an eco-friendly vehicle as well as for those using alternative and sustainable transportation to get to work

Health & Family-Friendly Benefits B

Health plan note Nature's Path has multiple employee groups, health plans may vary by position
Health plan premium as part of the health plan, the employer pays up to 50% of the premiums
Minimum hours worked for coverage 24 hours per week
Waiting period for coverage 90 days
Family coverage option yes
Dental coverage routine, restorative, orthodontics
Traditional coverage (e.g. prescription drugs) yes
Additional coverage employee assistance (EAP) plan, semi-private hospital room, physiotherapy, medical travel insurance, medical equipment and supplies, massage therapy, nutrition planning, podiatrist, osteopathy, chiropractor, alternative coverage (e.g. accupuncture, naturopathy)
Health spending account up to $500 each year
Family-friendly benefits note Nature's Path has multiple employee groups, family-friendly policies may vary by position
Maternity top-up (mothers) up to 75% of salary for 17 weeks
Alternative work options flexible work hours, shortened work week (fewer hours with less pay), telecommuting

Vacation & Personal Time-Off B

Vacation note Nature's Path has multiple employee groups, vacation policies may vary by position
Vacation allowance new employees receive 3 weeks of paid vacation after their first year on the job
Vacation jump vacation increases after 10 years of employment
Maximum vacation allowance employees move to a maximum of 5 weeks of vacation over their career
Unpaid leave maximum 1 month

Employee Engagement & Performance B+

Employee performance reviews employees receive individual performance reviews every 6 months
Managers receive performance review training yes
Confidential employee feedback employees can also provide confidential feedback on their manager's performance
Exit interview exit interview option is available for departing employees
Performance recognition individual performance bonuses, on-the-spot rewards, peer-to-peer-recognition awards, long-service awards, tailored and unique rewards (i.e. travel), the unique Performance Driven, Always Improving, Team Focused, Honorable & Respectful Sustainably Focused & Socially Conscious or PATHS peer-nominated awards (includes company-wide recognition and a $100 gift certificate)
Outside survey period outside consultant surveys are held every 24 months

Training & Skills Development B+

In-house training initiatives in-house training, online training, paid internships, subsidies for professional accreditation
Tuition subsidies (related to job) yes
Tuition subsidy coverage employer covers up to 100% of tuition per year
Unique training & development programs no set annual maximum for tuition subsidies

Community Involvement A+

Scope of charitable involvement local, national, international
Employee charitable involvement employees are involved in selection of charities, employees receive paid time off to volunteer, (up to 1 paid day)
Total employee volunteer hours (on company time) over 214 hours last year
Total number of charities supported last year approximately 32 charitable and community organizations were supported last year
Some of the community organizations supported Food Banks Canada, Vancouver Food Bank, Jane Goodall Institute, UBC Farm, Diane Fossey Foundation, Flora and Fauna International, Defenders of Wildlife, David Suzuki Foundation
Charitable giving matches employee donations
Community highlight Nature's Path's charitable program is primarily focused on environmental causes, support for food banks, advancing organic food and health issues and youth. The company has many longstanding programs that are integrated into its line of business, including the Bite4Bite program with its popular Love Crunch product, the 1% for the Planet program through its EnviroKidz line, and the Gardens for Good program in support of organic gardening initiatives. Last year, the company expanded and renamed its Eat Well Do Good fundraising initiative to provide free healthy breakfasts for people in downtown neighbourhoods where the company operates (including its US locations). The initiative helped generate over $960,000 worth of food donations to food banks from like-minded companies and individuals.

Recognized as one of Canada's Greenest Employers (2017)

Here are some of the reasons why Nature's Path Foods, Inc. was selected as one of Canada's Greenest Employers (2017):

  • Since 2009, Nature's Path has purchased renewable energy credits for all electricity usage -- and through an ongoing focus on energy use reductions and generation initiatives, the company is committed to the long-term goal of offsetting all of its greenhouse gas emissions
  • Nature's Path is a certified organic producer (since 1985) and works directly with certified organic suppliers to ensure that purchased ingredients are certified organic -- in supporting such a policy, the company has ensured that over 39,800 hectares are kept free of chemical pesticides and synthetic fertilizers
  • Head office employees at Nature's Path maintain a large organic staff garden which features composting bins and complements the company's ambitious waste management program with a targeted 99 percent waste diversion rate -- impressively, the company achieved diversion rates of 88 percent to 97 percent, with two locations recognized as zero waste facilities by the US Zero Waste Business Council
Nature's Path employees giving out free samples of products at the Eat Well Do Good fundraiser


Industry Food Manufacturing
Major Canadian hiring locations Richmond BC, Delta BC
Full-time employees in Canada 185
Senior executive who oversees initiatives Senior Director of HR and Sustainability
Formal strategy/policy name Declaration of Sustainability (outlines 11 areas where sustainability is measured)
Green highlights performance management program called PATHS, incorporates sustainability into all employee job descriptions (encouraging employees to focus on greening their roles as part of their day-to-day responsibilities), longstanding EnviroKidz line of products (supports the "1% for the Planet" with one percent of sales donated to environmental education and initiatives around the world), Envirobox program (reduced size of cereal box packaging by 10 percent, use of vegetable based inks for printing and made from 100 percent recycled paperboard), EcoPac program (offers customers same products but with 66 percent less packaging), the "Bite4Bite Love Crunch" program and the "Eat Well Do Good" employee volunteer program in support of local food banks
Extended recycling organics, soft and hard plastics, e-waste, styrofoam, food waste from manufacturing processes sold to farmers as feed (two of its three manufacturing plants are certified as zero waste facilities by the US Zero Waste Business Council)
Commuter amenities transit subsidies, secure/sheltered bicycle parking, walk to public transit
In-house environmental audit yes
External environmental audit yes
Publishes sustainability report yes
Some of the green community initiatives numerous organic industry associations (domestic and international), Climate Smart (energy calculator and energy offsets)
Building footprint includes rainwater collection, green roof, onsite organic garden constructed and maintained by employees, electric vehicle charging station, LED lighting

The Career Directory

Nature's Path Foods, Inc. has been selected for The Career Directory, our guide to entry-level recruitment for recent college and university graduates.
Nature's Path employees posing with healthy products

Highlights for New Grads

Industry Food Manufacturing
Major Canadian hiring locations Richmond BC, Delta BC
Full-time employees in Canada 193
Part-time employees in Canada 1
Student opportunities paid internships, summer jobs
Training subsidies for professional accreditation, orientation program, online training, in-house training
Tuition subsidies (related to job) yes
Starting salary $40K to $45K
Work perks health benefits for new employees, flexible work hours, telecommuting
Vacation allowance new employees receive 3 weeks of paid vacation after their first year on the job

Academic fields recruited

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