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Recognized as one of Canada's Top 100 Employers (2017)

Here are some of the reasons why TD Bank Group was selected as one of Canada's Top 100 Employers (2017), Top Employers for Canadians Over 40 (2017) and Greater Toronto's Top Employers (2017):

  • TD is one of the country's leading corporate donors, with over $62 million provided in donations last year -- the bank also manages a unique online site to help employees match their skills and interests with local charitable initiatives -- over 26,000 employees are currently registered and donated over 118,000 volunteer hours in the past year
  • TD introduced a groundbreaking "FlexWorkPlace" pilot program in 2010 to accommodate changing and flexible work patterns, complete with redesigned floors that include more meeting rooms, eliminate traditional offices, and a "collaborative cafe" where employees can meet and work in a comfortable and informal setting
  • TD also pioneered an impressive green building program with over 170 LEED certified projects including over 120 building locations with solar power generation (over 2 megawatts of generation capacity thus far) -- the bank is also one of the first major Canadian corporations to create a Chief Environment Officer position to help oversee its many environmental initiatives
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Employer Background

Industry Banking
Publicly traded yes
Major Canadian hiring locations Vancouver BC, Calgary AB, Edmonton AB, London ON, Toronto ON, Montréal QC, Saint John NB, Markham ON
Full-time employees in Canada 43,273
Part-time employees in Canada 14,065
Full-time employees worldwide 66,380
Workforce engaged on a contract basis 4.21%
Average age of employees in Canada 39.8
Longest serving employee 52.5 years

Physical Workplace B+

Commuter amenities transit subsidies, secure/sheltered bicycle parking
Workplace features head office is located in the heart of downtown Toronto's financial district in the landmark TD Centre, a 6 office tower complex surrounded by a 4-acre plaza, extensive Inuit art collection (available to the public and employees free of charge), outdoor lunchtime concerts in the summer, redesigned floors that include more meeting rooms, temporary offices and a "collaborative" cafe for telecommuting employees (part of the unique FlexWorkPlace program launched in 2010, and one of the first in Canada), telecommuter workstations, religious observance room, self-serve lunchroom
Employee lounge amenities comfortable seating, television, outdoor courtyard, lunch areas are often used for social gatherings and feature WiFi for personal use
Other nearby amenities fitness club, Oscar Peterson Square, Toronto's Waterfront, daycare, restaurants, shopping mall, all-weather access to shops, services and restaurants through city's underground PATH walking system

Work Atmosphere & Communications A+

Company organized social events yes
Recent social events approximately $2.5 million allocated for celebrations across the bank as part of You Make TD, an annual employee appreciation week to acknowledge employees, from simple thank you gestures to evening dinners out
Cultural aspects employee sports teams, business casual dress, casual dress Fridays, music while working
Employee communications intranet site, company newsletter
Other in-house communications maintains a dedicated Social Media & Digital Communications Team that oversees its online initiatives, including a well-developed social networking system called Connections that lets employees set up their own online communities (these may be business, project or personal interest-based), the Between Us: Employee Ombuds Office that provides confidential, neutral and private assistance to employees from across the bank, and recruiting strategy that features extensive use of social media channels, including Facebook and Twitter

Financial Benefits & Compensation A+

Financial benefits note TD Bank has multiple employee groups, financial benefits may vary by position
Outside salary surveys participates in outside salary surveys every 12 months
Employee salary reviews individual salaries are reviewed every 12 months
Long-term savings defined-benefit (DB) pension
Long-term planning retirement planning assistance, phased-in retirement work options, life & disability insurance
Share purchase plan available to all employees
Year-end bonuses available to all employees
Signing bonuses available for some positions
Additional financial benefits subsidized home insurance, subsidized auto insurance, low-interest home loans, credit cards, banking fees, auto and travel insurance, referral bonuses for some positions

Health & Family-Friendly Benefits A

Health plan note TD Bank has multiple employee groups, health plans may vary by position
Health plan premium as part of the health plan, the employer pays up to 100% of the premiums
Flexible coverage health plan is flexible with adjustable premiums and coverage levels
Minimum hours worked for coverage 15 hours per week
Waiting period for coverage 90 days
Family coverage option yes
Retiree coverage with no age limit yes
Dental coverage routine, restorative, orthodontics
Traditional coverage (e.g. prescription drugs) yes
Additional coverage employee assistance (EAP) plan, medical travel insurance, homecare, medical equipment and supplies, alternative coverage (e.g. accupuncture, naturopathy)
Other health plan information flexible health and wellness accounts for additional expenses outside basic coverage, from the purchase of home fitness equipment to fitness club memberships to health-focused counselling and support services, coverage for gender reassignment surgery (where not covered by public plans), online educational wellness video library, flexible retiree benefits plan that offers varying levels of coverage and premium coverage (averaging between 60% and 70%, depending on coverage selected as well as tenure and position)
In vitro fertilization (IVF) $2,500 per lifetime
Maternity top-up (mothers) up to 100% of salary for 6 weeks
Parental top-up (fathers) up to 100% of salary for 6 weeks
Adoption top-up up to 100% of salary for 6 weeks
Additional family-friendly benefits extended parental leave to unpaid leave, emergency short-term daycare, academic scholarships of up to $2,500 per child
Alternative work options flexible work hours, shortened work week (fewer hours with less pay), compressed work week, telecommuting
Additional family-friendly information corporate membership rates with Kids & Company, which offers emergency childcare services when required at locations across Canada, unique "mix and match" alternative work options, enabling employees to create the best schedule for their needs, new scholarship program for dependent children of employees (70 one-time scholarships of up to $2,500 per child each year), recently established a Flexible Work Options Business Committee for each line of business to help ensure appropriate work options are implemented and supported across the bank, Back to Business program to help women reintegrate into the workforce after being away for over 2 years

Vacation & Personal Time-Off B+

Vacation allowance new employees receive 3 weeks of paid vacation after their first year on the job
Vacation jump vacation increases after 9 years of employment
Maximum vacation allowance employees move to a maximum of 5 weeks of vacation over their career
Previous experience considers previous work experience when setting annual vacation for new employees
Unpaid leave of absence option yes
Additional time-off information management employees start with 4 weeks paid vacation, and depending on their position, some employees that start with 3 weeks paid vacation jump by 1 week after 5 years on the job, up to 5 paid occasional sick days (employees apply for short term disability after 5 consecutive days away), absent business days, long-serving employees receive an additional week of paid vacation on their 25th anniversary (and every 5th anniversary thereafter), bereavement leave (up to 10 days), military reservist training leave (up to 15 days each year), unpaid leaves of absence duration determined on an individual basis

Employee Engagement & Performance A+

Employee performance reviews employees receive individual performance reviews every 6 months
Managers receive performance review training yes
360° feedback option as part of the review process, performance feedback is also solicited from co-workers and other managers familiar with each employee's work
Confidential employee feedback employees can also provide confidential feedback on their manager's performance
Exit interview exit interview option is available for departing employees
Performance recognition individual performance bonuses, on-the-spot rewards, peer-to-peer-recognition awards, long-service awards, tailored and unique rewards (i.e. travel), annual employee appreciation week and the You Make TD program, Vision in Action Award of Distinction that recognizes outstanding achievement (over 90 employees and their guests recently enjoyed a trip to Calgary for a 6-day awards celebration with a personal "thanks" from the bank's President and CEO), unique performance recognition programs at each business division, and in recognition of a challenging year in 2015, the bank gave all employees an extra day off in 2016
In-house survey period in-house surveys are conducted every 12 months
Outside survey period outside consultant surveys are held every 12 months

Training & Skills Development A+

Career planning in-house career planning services, online employee skills inventory
In-house training initiatives mentoring, in-house training, online training, leadership training, paid internships, subsidies for professional accreditation
Tuition subsidies (related to job) yes
Annual tuition maximum employer pays up to $3,000 in tuition subsidies per year
Tuition subsidies (unrelated to job) yes
Unrelated tuition maximum employer pays up to $3,000 in tuition subsidies per year
Unique training & development programs invested over $59 million in training support last year (translates to over $1,049 per full-time employee, averaging 3.3 training days), partnered with the University of Toronto's Rotman School of Management as the lead sponsor of the "Back to Work Program", a 2-year rotational work program available to women who have left the workforce for at least five years, extensive leadership development programs, education flex time program, three paid study leave days each year

Community Involvement A+

Scope of charitable involvement local, national, international
Employee charitable involvement employees are involved in selection of charities, employees receive paid time off to volunteer, (up to 2 paid days)
Total employee volunteer hours (on company time) over 118,971 hours last year
Total number of charities supported last year approximately 2,300 charitable and community organizations were supported last year
Some of the community organizations supported Girls Count (Girl Guides of Canada), TD Canadian Children's Literature Award, Children's Miracle Network, MusiCounts TD Community Grants (supports arts initiative for youth), TD Friends of the Environment (25 year old initiativehas supported over 24,000 local environmental initiatives), Pride Festivals across Canada (over 50 festivals across North America supported), United Way
Charitable giving matches employee donations, matches employee volunteer hours with company donations
Community highlight TD Bank is one of Canada's largest corporate donors, directing millions of dollars to charities and non-profit agencies every year ($62.9 million in Canada last year and over $92 million worldwide). In addition, employees raise millions of dollars every year through personal contributions and fundraising efforts across Canada and in the US (over $17.3 million last year). The bank also manages the unique "TD Volunteer Network", an online platform that connects willing employee volunteers with local community and charitable initiatives that are the best match to each employee's skills and interests (over 26,000 employees are registered across the bank, logging over 118,000 volunteer hours).

Recognized as one of Canada's Top Employers for Young People (2017)

Here are some of the reasons why TD Bank Group was selected as one of Canada's Top Employers for Young People (2017):

  • Through TD's Scholarship Summer Employment program, the bank offers scholarship recipients summer employment as a Customer Service Representative, a placement at a corporate or regional office, or employment at Canadian charitable organization, depending on the student's year of eligibility
  • TD's Women in Leadership network created a mentorship program for first and second year university students interested in learning about careers in Capital Markets -- 12 female students were recently matched with Managing Directors from TD Securities for 4 months to provide insights and raise awareness of the Capital Markets field
  • TD manages a generous Scholarship for Community Leadership program for students in their final year of high school or CEGEP -- recipients are awarded scholarships of up to $70,000, including up to $10,000 per year for tuition, $7,500 per year for living expenses, paid summer employment, mentorship opportunities, annual gatherings and networking opportunities (up to 20 scholarships are awarded each year)
TD Bank employees and TD Bank Scholarship winners from across the country


Industry Banking
Major Canadian hiring locations Vancouver BC, Calgary AB, Edmonton AB, London ON, Toronto ON, Montréal QC, Saint John NB, Markham ON
Full-time employees in Canada 43,273
Student opportunities summer jobs, co-op opportunities, paid internships
Tuition subsidies (related to job) yes
Annual tuition maximum in-house training, online training, in-house career planning services, mentoring, leadership training, online employee skills inventory
Vacation allowance new employees receive 3 weeks of paid vacation after their first year on the job
Unique initiatives TD partners with a number of community organizations to support the employment of young people including Career Edge (paid internships), Npower Canada (IT internships for underserved young adults between 18 and 25 years of age) and Tropicana/United Way Youth Employment and Mentorship Initiative (to support youth, newcomers and people of Black and Caribbean heritage), TD manages over 20 associate programs to provide recent graduates with opportunities to gain career-level experience, collectively employing more than 400 associates through these programs, TD sponsors a number of on-campus student-led initiatives such as club events, case competitions and executive panel discussions

Recognized as one of Canada's Best Diversity Employers (2017)

Here are some of the reasons why TD Bank Group was selected as one of Canada's Best Diversity Employers (2017):

  • TD employs a Manager of Aboriginal Talent Acquisition, responsible for establishing relationships with schools, student centres and Aboriginal community organizations -- additionally, the position works with the bank's Aboriginal Circle and Aboriginal Banking Unit to support recruitment events and employee referrals -- TD also sponsors 20 scholarships for Aboriginal students through Indspire
  • As a result of employee and customer feedback, TD Bank works to further incorporate diverse groups in advertising materials and initiated diversity reporting to review its market creative on a quarterly basis to ensure marketing materials meet diversity standards from an imagery perspective
  • TD maintains 11 regional LGBT employee resource groups across Canada and the enterprise-wide LGBTA Pride Network with nearly 3,000 members -- and publishes an internal Pride 365 quarterly newsletter written by and for TD employees who are part of the LGBTA community
TD Bank employees show support for Pride
"I'm really proud of my visibility against all odds. It's a world that is dangerous when you are visibly Trans. You have to be strong and brave to overcome every little barrier that is going to get thrown your way daily. And there will be a significant amount. For me nevertheless, visibility is liberty, and it is important that I am visible so that others don't have to be." Rachel Clark, IT Specialist and award winning Transgender Activist


Industry Banking
Major Canadian hiring locations Vancouver BC, Calgary AB, Edmonton AB, London ON, Toronto ON, Montréal QC, Saint John NB, Markham ON
Full-time employees in Canada 43,273
Senior executive who oversees diversity initiatives Chair of Diversity Leadership Council
Formal commitment maintains a diversity leadership council (includes all businesses and regions in which the bank operates, such as the United States and the United Kingdom) and sub-committees which focus on expanding leadership opportunities for women and visible minorities, building an agenda for persons with disabilities, enhancing and promoting inclusivity for LGBT peoples, serving diverse customer communities and creating and promoting inclusion for Aboriginal employees and customers
Employee resource groups Women in Leadership (20 chapters), LGBTA Pride Network (nearly 3,000 members), Recognizing Abilities and Changing Attitudes Network (employees with disabilities), additional disability related networks, Aboriginal Employee Circle, Black Employee Community Network, Chinese, Korean, South Asian, and Hispanic Community Networks
Diversity training and awareness mandatory diversity and inclusion training, additional training topics include mental health awareness and cultural competency
Diversity highlights leadership program for visible minorities, group mentoring for women in leadership and Aboriginal peoples, sponsors Rotman School of Businesses' Back to Work Program for women who have been out of the workforce for 3 to 8 years, job carving to provide employment to individuals with intellectual disabilities (Vancouver branches), Aboriginal banking group, supplier diversity program, formal guidelines for the representation of people from diverse groups in the bank's marketing materials
Some of the diversity-focused partnerships TRIEC (over 1,300 mentoring relationships for new Canadians), Lime Connect (internships and scholarships for university students with disabilities), ALLIES (mentoring for new Canadians), ACCES (new Canadians), Ability Edge (internships for persons with disabilities), Job Opportunity Information Network (career mentoring for persons with disabilities), Out on Bay Street, Pride at Work Canada, Aboriginal Human Resource Council (Inclusion Works career fairs), Canadian Aboriginal Minority Supplier Diversity Council

Recognized as one of Canada's Greenest Employers (2017)

Here are some of the reasons why TD Bank Group was selected as one of Canada's Greenest Employers (2017):

  • TD promotes green building design for new and existing facility renovations, from pioneering the net-zero-energy retail branch to solar power generation (with 2 megawatts of solar generation capacity) and improving energy efficiency in all buildings by 17 percent per square foot over the past 5 years -- the bank has combined these successes with a pioneering "FlexWorkPlace" program, reducing commuting and business travel miles through greater adoption of alternative work styles
  • TD has a well-established green network with representation from its corporate offices and retail operations across Canada -- the bank has 55 green teams and locations across North America, helping to coordinate numerous environmental initiatives, from educational initiatives to volunteering activities in support of the longstanding "TD Friends of the Environment Foundation"
  • TD was one of the first major employers in Canada to introduce a senior executive position dedicated to environmental sustainability back in 2008 -- the bank's Chief Environment Officer is an environmental scientist with over two decades of experience in the field -- the bank also maintains an Environmental Steering Committee comprised of senior-level executives from across the company
TD Bank employees participate in a green project


Industry Banking
Major Canadian hiring locations Vancouver BC, Calgary AB, Edmonton AB, London ON, Toronto ON, Montréal QC, Saint John NB, Markham ON
Full-time employees in Canada 43,273
Employee green team TD Green Teams (over 70 green leaders and 55 teams across Canada and the US)
Senior executive who oversees initiatives Chief Environment Officer, Environmental Steering Committee (comprised of executives from across the bank)
Green highlights quarterly "Environment Connections Days" (employee and customer environmental awareness initiative) TD Tree Days (over 10,000 employees planted nearly 53,000 trees at over 160 locations last year) online employee training program for all new employees (called "Environment 101") to introduce the bank's many environmental initiatives, the "TD Green Nation" online tool that encourages employees to undertake environmental actions at home, work and in their communities (launched in 2011, over 30 percent of employees have pledged over 1 million environmental actions), financing products (for residential and commercial renewable energy products), dedicated financing and insurance products for hybrid and electric vehicles, environmentally-focused investment fund
Extended recycling e-waste (diverts all e-waste from landfill through refurbishment and recycling programs), paper reduction program (uses 20 percent less paper from the 2010 baseline year)
Commuter amenities transit subsidies, secure/sheltered bicycle parking, walk to public transit, telecommuter workstations
In-house environmental audit yes
External environmental audit yes
Publishes sustainability report yes
Some of the green community initiatives TD Friends of the Environment Foundation (has provided over $76 million to over 24,000 local environmental projects since 1990), Nature Conservancy of Canada, Tree Canada
Other location LEED Platinum
Building footprint includes PV solar panels, green roof, geothermal heating/cooling, electric vehicle charging stations, 173 LEED Certified projects (87 percent are Gold or Platinum certified), including 122 sites with PV installations (over two megawatts of generation), approximately 17 percent of the bank's real estate footprint is LEED certified

The Career Directory

TD Bank Group has been selected for The Career Directory, our guide to entry-level recruitment for recent college and university graduates.
TD Bank Group employees in the community

Highlights for New Grads

Industry Banking
Major Canadian hiring locations Vancouver BC, Calgary AB, Edmonton AB, London ON, Toronto ON, Montréal QC, Saint John NB, Markham ON
Full-time employees in Canada 43,273
Part-time employees in Canada 14,065
Student opportunities paid internships, summer jobs, co-op opportunities
Training subsidies for professional accreditation, orientation program, online training, in-house training, mentoring, in-house career planning services, leadership training
Tuition subsidies (related to job) yes
Typical new grad positions Graduates would occupy TD Bank Group Management Rotational Program Associate, TD Agriculture Services Associate, TD Commercial Banking Associate, Real Estate Associate and TD Canada Trust Management Associate positions.
Work perks health benefits for new employees, flexible work hours, telecommuting
Vacation allowance new employees receive 3 weeks of paid vacation after their first year on the job

Academic fields recruited

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