Ottawa, City of
City of Ottawa paramedics on duty

Recognized as one of Canada's Greenest Employers (2017)

Here are some of the reasons why Ottawa, City of was selected as one of Canada's Greenest Employers (2017):

  • City of Ottawa's Official Plan is truly a living document, featuring measures to enhance the quality of the natural environment -- the plan includes initiatives to address air quality and climate change, energy conservation and demand management, an environmental management plan, green spaces for public use, infrastructure, transportation (with a strong emphasis on integrating cycling, transit and walking), waste management, water resources, and wildlife management strategies
  • City of Ottawa maintains a Green Building Policy to ensure that all newly constructed city buildings greater than 500 square metres are designed to a minimum LEED certification standard -- the City currently has 23 buildings that have achieved LEED certification standard, including Gold and Silver certification
  • City of Ottawa is one of Canada's most progressive cities when it comes to long-range transportation planning -- the City manages the Ottawa Pedestrian Plan, which has a stated goal of creating a "world-class" pedestrian city, and recently updated its Ottawa Cycling Plan, which includes the addition of segregated bike lanes downtown -- the City also continues to expand its LRT system with the new east-west electric Confederation Line set to open in 2018
City of Ottawa bus operator at work   (Photo credit: Roger Lalonde)


Industry Municipal Government
Major Canadian hiring locations Ottawa ON
Full-time employees in Canada 12,085
Employee green team formal interdepartmental teams to address specific issues across the city
Senior executive who oversees initiatives General Manager, Environmental Services Department
Formal strategy/policy name City of Ottawa Official Plan, City of Ottawa Strategic Plan (includes Sustainable Environmental Services as one of seven strategic priorities)
Green highlights Anti-Idling Policy (employee training and 3-minute bylaw), (online carpool system operated by the City) and partnership with local car-sharing service, extensive bike lane system and new LRT system (ongoing expansion to open in 2018), Take it Back Program (partnership with over 600 businesses to provide reuse, recycling and proper disposal options), Schoolyard Tree Planting Program (grants for tree planting initiatives at Ottawa schools), Greenhouse Gas Roundtable (hosted event with over 200 community participants to update the City's Air Quality and Climate Management Plan), Ottawa River Action Plan (currently supporting 17 ongoing environmental projects along the the Ottawa River)
Extended recycling battery drop-offs, scrap metal collection, compact fluorescent bulbs, organics, metals
Commuter amenities transit subsidies, online car-pool sign-up, secure/sheltered bicycle parking, walk to public transit, telecommuter workstations
In-house environmental audit yes
External environmental audit yes
Publishes sustainability report yes
Some of the green community initiatives Bike to Work Month (in partnership with the Ottawa EnviroCentre), Adopt-a-park (encourages community involvement in park care), Tim Hortons Cleaning the Capital (annual city-wide spring clean-up campaign hosted since 1994), Community Environmental Grants Program (provides funds to non-profit organizations that are managing local, smaller scale stewardship initiatives), Environmental Outreach Program (works with a variety of community organizations every year, including schools and hospitals), Community Gardening Network (over 50 community gardens within the City)
Other location LEED Gold
Building footprint includes PV solar panels, green roof, geothermal heating/cooling, electric vehicle charging stations, other building accreditation (BOMA etc.)

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