Humber College
Humber College's president Chris Whitaker at the annual President's Breakfast

Recognized as one of Canada's Greenest Employers (2017)

Here are some of the reasons why Humber College was selected as one of Canada's Greenest Employers (2017):

  • Humber College promotes a unique recycling program designed to help everyone easily understand the College's many recycling initiatives including recognizable characters that appear on posters, bins, videos, online and ads on HumberTV
  • Humber College hosts a number of sustainability initiatives designed to inspire new ways of thinking and reducing the impacts of our daily lives, from the Tour de Lake Bike Ride to promote sustainable transit to new students to the White Elephant Swap initiative to trade gently used items (with all proceeds donated to charity) to the annual spring Move-Out program to collect everything from clothes to electronics to non-perishable food for donation
  • Humber College's campus buildings showcase a number of unique green features including a 4-storey bio-wall that helps filter internal air, a green roof, PV panel solar array, rainwater collection, heat recovery systems, water bottle refilling stations (that even track the number of plastic bottles saved) and high-efficiency lighting systems
Humber College employees who carpool to work can take advantage of priority parking on campus


Major Canadian hiring locations Toronto ON
Full-time employees in Canada 1,582
Employee green team Humber College Sustainability Coordinating Committee (comprised of three separate committees: the Academic Sustainability Committee, the Operational Sustainability Committee, and the Community Engagement and Sustainability Committee), a number of informal green teams, managed by various departments
Senior executive who oversees initiatives Senior Vice President of Planning and Corporate Services and the CFO
Formal strategy/policy name Humber Sustainability Plan (2014 to 2019)
Green highlights Fair-Trade Campus Week (student-led information campaign to introduce fair trade products), Tour de Lake Bike Ride (to promote sustainable transit to new students), White Elephant Swap (trade gently used items for students, all proceeds donated to charity) and spring Move-Out program to collect everything from clothes to electronics to non-perishable food for donation, Humber Student Federation Earth Day (variety of events including making smoothies with only local and organic ingredients), Food Services (initiatives to source organic, fair trade and locally produced food products), over 300 courses that address the environmental, social and economic aspects of sustainability, The Humber Arboretum and Centre for Urban Ecology (offers a variety of environmental and outdoor education events for schools and community organizations)
Extended recycling textbooks, organics
Commuter amenities transit subsidies, online car-pool sign-up, secure/sheltered bicycle parking, walk to public transit
External environmental audit yes
Publishes sustainability report yes
Some of the green community initiatives David Suzuki Foundation, Smart Commute, Pollution Probe, Etobicoke Master Gardeners
Head office LEED Pending
Other location LEED Gold
Building footprint includes PV solar panels, rainwater collection, green roof, high efficiency lighting, heat recovery systems, 4-storey bio-wall, bicycle fix-it station (with free access to air pump and common repair tools), water bottle refill stations, other building accreditation (BOMA etc.)

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