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Recognized as one of Canada's Top 100 Employers

Here are some of the reasons why Shopify Inc. was selected as one of Canada's Top 100 Employers (2019):

  • Shopify's unique head office features a number of distinctive amenities, including an employee lounge with video games, foosball and ping pong, an indoor go-kart track, an exercise room and a cafeteria -- lunch is provided for employees daily along with a variety of snacks such as fresh fruit, trail mix, yogurt, ramen, chips, chocolate and candy
  • In addition to Shopify's basic health benefits plan, employees receive $5,000 which can be put towards a health or wellness spending account, a charitable giving account or retirement savings (employees have the flexibility to choose how they would like to allocate funds to each option)
  • Shopify supports employees who are new mothers with maternity and parental leave top-up payments to 85% of salary for up to 34 weeks -- and offers parental top-up for fathers and adoptive parents (to 85% of salary for up to 18 weeks)
Employees working in a casual space for team meetings inside Shopify's Toronto office  

Employer Background

Industry Cloud Software Development
Established in Canada 2004
Publicly traded yes
Major Canadian hiring locations Toronto ON, Montréal QC, Ottawa ON, Waterloo ON, Calgary AB, Vancouver BC
Full-time employees in Canada 2,903
Part-time employees in Canada 7
Full-time employees worldwide 3,395
Workforce engaged on a contract basis 1.9%
Average age of employees in Canada 31.5 years
Longest serving employee 14 years

Physical Workplace Rating: A+

Commuter amenities transit subsidies, subsidized parking, electric vehicle charging stations, secure/sheltered bicycle parking
Workplace features Shopify's LEED Gold-certified head office is centrally located in downtown Ottawa, with offices spread across 11 floors and decorated in accordance to various themes (from Canadiana to Prohibition), the workplace features a mix of different spaces designed to accommodate different personalities, working and learning styles, and individual needs (such as open and closed spaces, meeting rooms of different sizes, social areas and quiet nooks), private rooms for breastfeeding/pumping and prayer, a massage room, telecommuter workstations, sit-stand workstations, religious observance room, outdoor patio, self-serve lunchroom, outdoor barbecue
Employee lounge amenities comfortable seating, music, television, video games, foosball table, board games, table tennis, indoor go-kart track, band room, puzzle areas
Onsite cafeteria healthy menus, special diet menus, take-home meals, (lunch is provided for employees, breakfast offered daily)
Snacks available fresh fruit, trail mix, yogurt, protein bars, snack bars, ramen, chips, chocolate, candy
Onsite fitness facility free membership, treadmills, instructor-led classes (yoga, jiu-jitsu, acroyoga ), shower facilities
Other nearby amenities fitness club, Confederation Park, daycare, restaurants, Ottawa Public Library, National Arts Centre, CF Rideau Centre, Parliament Hill

Work Atmosphere & Communications Rating: B+

Recent social events annual holiday party, annual employee conference, annual field trip day (office specific), Spring Fling, holiday events for children such as visit from Santa and Easter celebrations
Cultural aspects employee sports teams, casual dress (e.g. jeans) daily
Employee communications intranet site, company newsletter, internal social media

Financial Benefits & Compensation Rating: B+

Outside salary surveys participates in outside salary surveys every 12 months
Employee salary reviews individual salaries are reviewed every 12 months
Long-term planning life & disability insurance
Referral bonuses (max) new employee referral bonuses (up to $10,000) for some positions
Signing bonuses available for some positions
Additional financial benefits as part of Shopify's basic health plan, permanent full-time employees receive $5,000, which can be put towards a health or wellness spending account, a charitable giving account or retirement savings (employees have the flexibility to choose how much they allocate to each category), Shopify provides restricted stock units (RSUs) or RSUs and Options mix upon hire, employees may have the opportunity to receive additional equity grants depending on their performance

Health & Family-Friendly Benefits Rating: A

Health plan premium as part of the health plan, the employer pays up to 100% of the premiums
Minimum hours worked for coverage 25 hours per week
Waiting period there is no waiting period for coverage
Family coverage option yes
Dental coverage routine, restorative
Traditional coverage (e.g. prescription drugs) yes
Other health plan information employee assistance (EAP) plan, semi-private hospital room, physiotherapy, medical travel insurance, homecare, medical equipment and supplies, massage therapy, nutrition planning, podiatrist, osteopathy, chiropractor, alternative coverage (e.g. accupuncture, naturopathy)
Additional health and wellness information as part of Shopify's basic health plan, permanent full-time employees receive $5,000 which can be put towards a health spending account (includes eyecare, cosmetic dentistry), a wellness spending account (includes gym membership, IVF treatments, transit subsidies), a charitable giving account or retirement savings (employees have the flexibility to choose how much they allocate to each category)
Maternity top-up (mothers) up to 85% of salary for 16 weeks
Parental top-up (mothers) up to 85% of salary for 18 weeks
Parental top-up (fathers) up to 85% of salary for 18 weeks
Adoption top-up up to 85% of salary for 18 weeks
Additional family-friendly benefits extended parental leave to unpaid leave
Alternative work options flexible work hours, telecommuting

Vacation & Personal Time-Off Rating: A+

Vacation note Shopify Inc. has multiple employee groups, vacation policies may vary by position
Unlimited vacation allowance offers a no-limit vacation policy
Paid holiday shutdown during the Christmas to New Year's holiday break, employees receive an additional 5 days off
Unpaid leave maximum 12 months
Additional time-off information approximately 34% of Shopify's workforce receive 15 paid personal days off each year in place of unlimited time off

Employee Engagement & Performance Rating: A+

Employee performance reviews employees receive individual performance reviews every 6 months
Managers receive performance review training yes
360° feedback option as part of the review process, performance feedback is also solicited from co-workers and other managers familiar with each employee's work
Confidential employee feedback employees can also provide confidential feedback on their manager's performance
Exit interview exit interview option is available for departing employees
Performance recognition individual performance bonuses, long-service awards, Equity Awards to recognize employee impact, performance and promotions, Internal Bug Bounty for employees who identify security issues within the company's core applications
In-house survey period in-house surveys are conducted every 6 months
Outside survey period outside consultant surveys are held every 12 months

Training & Skills Development Rating: A+

Career planning in-house career planning services, online employee skills inventory
In-house training initiatives apprenticeship/skilled trades programs, mentoring, in-house training, online training, leadership training, paid internships, subsidies for professional accreditation
Tuition subsidies (related to job) yes
Tuition subsidies (unrelated to job) yes
Unique training & development programs summits organized throughout the year to provide opportunities for employees to share knowledge and build skills

Community Involvement Rating: B+

Scope of charitable involvement local, national
Total number of charities supported last year approximately 11 charitable and community organizations were supported last year
Some of the community organizations supported Canada Learning Code, Boys and Girls Club, Virtual Ventures, Kids & Code, Ottawa Network for Education
Community highlight Shopify focuses its charitable efforts on local community support at each office location, using their offices to host events for community groups and providing financial sponsorship. Shopify also manages the "Dev Discover" initiative to support educational programs and partnerships that engage underrepresented individuals in the tech field, focusing on coding skills and computational thinking.

The Career Directory

Shopify Inc. has been selected for The Career Directory, our guide to entry-level recruitment for recent college and university graduates.
Shopify interns at work inside Shopify's Ottawa headquarters

Highlights for New Grads

Industry Cloud Software Development
Full-time employees in Canada 2,501 to 5,000
Major Canadian hiring locations Toronto ON, Montréal QC, Ottawa ON, Waterloo ON, Calgary AB, Vancouver BC
Student opportunities paid internships, summer jobs, co-op opportunities
Training subsidies for professional accreditation, orientation program, online training, in-house training, mentoring, in-house career planning services, leadership training
Other info for new grads Knowledge of Ruby on Rails for may be an asset for software developers.
Typical new grad positions Software Developer, Software Engineer, UX Designer, UX Researcher, Graphic Designer, Marketing Intern, Sales Intern, Finance Intern
Work benefits health benefits for new employees, flexible work hours, telecommuting, transit subsidies
Unlimited vacation allowance offers a no-limit vacation policy

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